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Anoor Academy

Amany Shourbaji, Principal    

Cannon County Schools

Central Office: Pam Sonderman, Director of Special Education Services   Schools: Cannon County High School – Mike Jones, Principal West Side School – Karen King, Principal Woodbury Grammar School – Rick Meacham, Principal Woodland School – Kim Parsley, Principal    

Clarksville/Montgomery County Schools

Central Office: B.J. Worthington, Director of Schools Sean Impeartrice, Chief Academic Officer Mason Bellamy, Director of Special Education Services Robin Hammer, Coordinator of Exceptional Children Services   Schools: Barksdale Elementary – Peggy Vaden, Principal Bryns Darden Elementary – Andy Lyons, Principal Kenwood Elementary – Kim Masters, Principal Minglewood Elementary – Jane Winter, Principal NorthEast Elementary – Gina Bitter, Principal Ringgold Elementary – Melinda Harris, Principal    

Cleveland City Schools

Central Office: Joy Hudson, Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services and Preschool Program Coordinator   Schools: Cleveland Middle School – Mike Collier, Principal Cleveland High School – Autumn O’Bryan, Principal    

DeKalb County Schools

Central Office: Mark Willoughby, Director of Schools Gina Alrnold, Supervisor of Special Education Lisa Bell, Data Analysis Leader Michelle Burklow, Supervisor of Instruction and Curriculum Grades K-6 Danielle Collins, Supervisor of Federal Programs Lisa Cripps, Supervisor of Instruction and Curriculum Grades 7-12   Schools: DeKalb West – Danny Parkerson, Principal Northside Elementary – Gayle Redmon, Principal Smithville Elementary – Julie Vincent, Principal    

Greenville City Schools

Greenville High School – Patrick Fraley, Principal    

Grainger County Schools

Central Office: Edwin Jarnagin, Director of Schools Linda Hodges, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Lisa Setsor, Director of Special Education   Schools: Grainger County High School – Mark Briscoe, Principal Rutledge Middle School – Roger Blanken, Principal Washburn School – Ginny McElhaney, Principal    

Hamilton County Schools

Schools: Brown International Academy, IB World School – Jennifer Spates, Principal    

Hancock County Schools

Central Office: Mike Antrican, Director of Schools Robert Winstead, Director of Special Education    

Lauderdale County Schools

Central Office: Sherrie Sweat, Assistant Superintendent Susan Farris, Director of Secondary Education Jennifer Jordan    

Lexington City Schools

Central Office: Jamie McAdams, Director of Support Services    

Manchester City Schools

Central Office: Deborah Williams, Director of Federal Programs   Schools: Westwood Middle School – Chad Fletcher, Principal    

Oak Ridge City Schools

Linden Elementary- Roger Ward, Principal    

Roane County Schools

Central Office: Gary Aytes, Director of Schools Tony L. Clower, Middle School Supervisor & SWPBS Coach Jody McLoud, Human Resources Supervisor & SWPBS Coach Keevin Woody, Supervisor of Elementary Schools Russell Jenkins, Supervisor of Secondary Schools Stephanie Walker, Director of Special Education Penny Woody, Special Education, Transition Leader   Schools: Dyllis Springs Elementary  – Gwen Johnson, Principal Harriman High – Scott Calahan, Principal Midtown Elementary – Kendra Inman, Principal Midway Elementary – Tim Thompson, Principal Oliver Springs High School – Jeff Woods, Principal Ridgeview Elementary – Robin Smith, Principal Roane County High – Lance Duff, Principal Rockwood High  – Allen Reed, Principal Rockwood Middle  – Amanda Evans, Principal    

Rogersville City Schools

Central Office: Sherri Asaro, Director of Special Education & Federal Projects Rhonda Winstead, Principal    

Stewart County Schools

Central Office: Dr. Phillip Wallace, Director of Schools Leta Joiner, Director of Curriculum & Instruction Tracy Watson, Director of Special Education Elaine Jackson, Director of Coordinated School Health    

Unicoi County Schools

Central Office: Mindy Myers, Director of Special Education    

Warren County Schools

Central Office: Candice Willmore, Director of Special Education    

Williamson County Schools

Central Office: Carol Hendlmyer, Director of Student Support Services Susie Wilcox, Student Support Services Supervisor Marie Wicks, Transition Coordinator