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Professional Learning Communities & Collaboration

The EdPro Development team have supported professional learning communities long before they were known as PLCs!  We have the tools and resources to facilitate the growth of any group of professionals into a fully collaborative team tomorrow!    
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Inclusion & Co-Teaching

Collaboration and co-teaching occur  when two or more teachers share responsibility for ensuring all of the students in the classroom get the differentiated and personalized instruction they need to grow academically and socially. EdPro Development has the tools and resources to support and perfect this process.    
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Classroom Management & Positive Behavior Support

Why do students engage in those behaviors?   EdPro Development can help your teachers and schools figure out WHY students do the things they do and HOW to intervene in the most effective and time-efficient way!  
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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Students on the Autism Spectrum are increasing in our schools. Meeting these students’ needs often requires both academic and social behavior supports.  If you are looking for effective, long term solutions to meeting the educational needs of these students, EdPro Development is your answer.  
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Transitions & Work-Based Learning

College may not be for everyone.  Many young people leave school and add their name to the unemployment rosters.  Want to change this?  EdPro Development can expand your work-based learning systems to include all students and create the systems and supports necessary to facilitate smooth transitions from school to paid employment!    
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