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EdPro Development Gives…

  The educational community valuable resources and tools to improve overall teaching effectiveness and administrative leadership.

Tools include (a) useful formats and protocols, (b) PLC agenda frameworks, (c) collaborative lesson planning agendas, (d) differentiated instruction forms, (d) formative assessment forms, (e) tools to support general and special education co-teaching, (f) instructional protocols for students with significant learning challenges, including those with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome; (g) functional behavior assessment tools, (h) behavior intervention strategies, (i) district and school-level tools supporting implementation of school-wide positive behavior support, (k) tools for supporting districts to expand work-based learning to students with significant support needs, and (l) tools for facilitating effective transitions from school to post school life.   EdPro Development’s past conference presentations will be posted to the website along with sessions from the Annual School-wide Positive Behavior Support Conference, held each spring. Members have access to a variety of multi-media presentations to assist in local professional development activities.   To engage EdPro Development and receive information on how we can assist you, contact us.