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Short Mountain School

Be there, be ready


Always keep hands and feet to yourself

Responsibility is my job

Show respect

Principal: Robert Pitts 5988 Short Mountain Rd Woodbury, TN 37190 Phone: (615) 563-4418 Fax: (615) 563-4596

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Tier 1 / Primary Preventions

  Rules and Expectations Incentives Teaching Expectations Rules Violations School Data School Documents    

Rules and Expectations

Photo Examples: Expectations Short Mountain   Top of Page    


Bear Bucks Booster Training BINGO (pub) Booster Training BINGO Instructions   Top of Page    

Teaching Expectations

Lesson Plan for Multiple Locations Teaching Expectations Schedule Teaching Expectations Passport Photo Examples: Lesson Plan Passport Short Mountain Teaching Expectations Playground Short Mountain Top of Page    

Rules Violations

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School Data

Visit Short Mountain School’s Website Top of Page    

School Documents

Profile Pamphlet Top of Page  

Tier 2/ Secondary Preventions

  Tier 2 / Secondary Coordinating Team Check In / Check Out Social Skills Instruction Study Skills Interventions Reading Interventions Math Interventions  

Tier 2 / Secondary Coordinating Team

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Check In / Check Out

Daily Progress Report – K-3 Daily Progress Report – 4-8 CICO Handbook CICO Parent Letter CICO Teacher Letter CICO Student Contract   Top of Page    

Social Skills Instruction

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Study Skills Interventions

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Reading Interventions

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Math Interventions

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Tier 3 / Tertiary Interventions


Student Assistance Team

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