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Chuckey Elementary School

Chuckey KNOWS the Rules!

  Principal:¬†Cathrine McCoy 1605 Chuckey Highway Chuckey, TN 37641 Telephone: 423-257-2108 Fax: 423-257-3938

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Tier 1 / Primary Preventions

  Rules and Expectations Incentives Teaching Expectations Rules Violations School Data School Documents    

Rules and Expectations

School-Wide Rules exp comp lab  zoom expectations comp lab expectaions by kids expectations cafeteria expect t-chart bathroom expectations hallway expectations math   Top of Page    


Reward Procedures Compliment Chain Compliment Chain Booster ABC Club Incentive ABC Club Locations ABC Scorecard ABC Scorecard Bus KNOWS Ticket for Reward Incentive Bus Student of the Month Incentive Bus Student of the Month 2 Incentive Cruising Around School Incentive Playground Pass Incentive Spot Check for In Line Ticket Exchange Pit Pass Yard Sign Checkout Photo Examples: bus incentives bus exp score chart Compliment chain strips compliment chain reward tickets star student criteria ticket holders Ollie Dotson & Seth Neas   Top of Page    

Teaching Expectations

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Rules Violations

Conduct Log Procedures Conduct Log Definitions of Behaviors Flowchart Office Discipline Referral   Top of Page    

School Data

SET Results School Safety Survey Results Visit Chuckey Elementary School’s Website   Top of Page    

School Documents

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Tier 2/ Secondary Preventions

  Tier 2 / Secondary Coordinating Team Check In / Check Out Social Skills Instruction Study Skills Interventions Reading Interventions Math Interventions  

Tier 2 / Secondary Coordinating Team

Behavior Referral Form Academic Referral Form Carry Card Carry Card Parent Letter Carry Card Non-Classroom Schedule   Top of Page    

Check In / Check Out

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Social Skills Instruction

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Study Skills Interventions

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Reading Interventions

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Math Interventions

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Tier 3 / Tertiary Interventions


Student Assistance Team

Recommendations Accountability Form SAT Data Sheet   Top of Page