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Baxter Elementary School

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Be Respectful

Be Safe

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 Principal: Tammy Hoover 125 Elmore Town Road, Baxter, TN 38544 Telephone: 931-858-3110 Fax: 931-858-4644

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Tier 1 / Primary Preventions

  Rules and Expectations Incentives Teaching Expectations Rules Violations School Data School Documents    

Rules and Expectations

Expectations Matrix   Top of Page    


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Teaching Expectations

Touring Passport   Top of Page    

Rules Violations

Definitions Office Referral Form – Major Classroom Managed Discipline Monitoring Form Flowchart for Managing Rule Violations Tier 1 Flowchart for Behavioral Referrals – All Tiers Tier 1 Intervention Monitoring Form   Top of Page    

School Data

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School Documents

SWPBS Faculty Handbook Table of Contents SWPBS Letter to Parents   Top of Page  

Tier 2/ Secondary Preventions

  Tier 2 / Secondary Coordinating Team Check In / Check Out Social Skills Instruction Study Skills Interventions Reading Interventions Math Interventions  

Tier 2 / Secondary Coordinating Team

Flowchart for Tiers of Support Tier 2 Documentation Form Tier 2 Referral Process Tier 2 Letter to Parents Tier 2 Follow-Up Letter to Parents   Top of Page  


2X10 Mentoring Relationships Monitoring Form 2X10 Mentoring Relationships Program Description Top of Page  

Check In / Check Out

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Social Skills Instruction

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Study Skills Interventions

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Reading Interventions

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Math Interventions

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Tier 3 / Tertiary Interventions


Student Assistance Team

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