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2015 TASL- Approved Workshops

February 6, 2015:  Adding Check-In/Check-Out System of Behavior Supports to Your RtI2 Efforts

The CICO system of behavior support is a research-based Tier 2 system.  It is simple and addresses needs of students who are motivated by attention and relationships with adults and/or peers, including attendance challenges. Typically, 3-5 staff are all that are needed to manage it.


February 27, 2015:  Tier 2 Strategies for Supporting Behaviorally “At Risk” Students – Or, Strategies to Keep Johnny from Coming to My Office!

This workshop is intended to provide participants with additional strategies OUTSIDE OF quality Tier 1 classroom management strategies that have a history of effectively supporting students with Tier 2 behavioral challenges. Most strategies can be implemented in the general education settings.


June 8-9, 2015:  Foundations of  Quality Tier 1 Instruction: Preparing for the First Days Back to School (2 days)

If you realize that attention must be given to quality Tier 1 instruction in order to effectively reduce the number of students needing interventions, then this is the workshop for you.  This workshop prepares you and your teachers to kick the school year off to a great start by highlighting foundational Tier 1 practices that will allow for robust, deep learning throughout the school year.


June 11, 2015:  Classroom Management Practices that Score Big on the TEAM Rubric

This workshop will highlight classroom management basics, strategies for supporting high expectations for all students, and basic engagement strategies.  Without these in place, students are likely to tip the scale and demonstrate behavior challenges in class. Implementation of the strategies, however, will have a strong impact on student learning and can be seen beyond the Environment domain of the TEAM rubric.


June 15-16, 2015Growing the Green: Building Tier 1 of School-wide Positive Behavior Support  (2 days)

Get a head start to building your Tier 1 behavior preventions that align to Tier 1 instructional strategies of RtI2!  Your school will “feel” the great outcomes immediately upon implementation.


Workshop Fees:

One -Day Workshop Registration Fee:  Individual:  $100.  Teams of 4 members:  $375*

Two-Day Workshop Registration Fee:  Individual:  $190. Teams of 4 members:  $725*  

*Teams exceeding 4 members – add $50/member


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